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Here’s the rules!

  • You must be following me! I do check!
  • Any kind of healthy blog!
  • No ED, self harm blogs.
  • If you follow keto, send me a message (saying it’s for the promo) & I’ll bold you (keto community what’s uppp)
  • You have until MONDAY! (my next day off) 5pm UK time.
  • Reblogs only, no likes!
  • Have fun & don’t fuck it up.

Until tomorrow at 5pm UK time ❤️

Until 5pm today!

Reblog if you are still working towards your goal!


I am feeling very unmotivated at the moment because I have to many blogs on my dash that are at their goal already. So reblog if you are still working hard towards your goals… Be it a personal best, a goal weight etc.
I’ll check out everyone, and follow my favs.
Please don’t reblog if you reblog too much photoshopped “perfect” bodies.

and no pro ED, recovery blogs welcome.

Still working it

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